VB - Get power status of your notebook battery

By , 8/23/2012
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With this class you can query the status of a notebook battery.

Author: Tim Hartwig, translation by Michael List
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Public Class BatteryStatus
    Private Declare Auto Function GetSystemPowerStatus Lib "kernel32.dll" ( _
        ByRef lpSystemPowerStatus As SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS) _
    As Integer

    Public Structure SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS
        Public ACLineStatus As ACLineStatus
        Public BatteryFlag As BatteryFlag
        Public BatteryLifePercent As Byte
        Public Reserved1 As Byte
        Public BatteryLifeTime As Integer
        Public BatteryFullLifeTime As Integer
    End Structure

    Public Enum BatteryFlag As Byte
        High = 1
        Low = 2
        Critical = 4
        Charging = 8
        NoSystemBattery = 128
        Unknown = 255
    End Enum

    Public Enum ACLineStatus As Byte
        Offline = 0
        Online = 1
        Unknown = 255
    End Enum

    Public Shared Function GetStatus() As SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS
        Return SPS
    End Function
End Class
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