C# - Create DataSet from Generic List

By , 8/19/2011
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Need a dataset from a generic list of a typeset object?
    using System.Data.DataSet
    using System.Collection.Generic.List
    using System.Reflection
    public DataSet CreateDataSet<T>(List<T> list)
         //list is nothing or has nothing, return nothing (or add exception handling)
         if (list == null || list.Count == 0) { return null; }
         //get the type of the first obj in the list
         var obj = list[0].GetType();
         //now grab all properties
         var properties = obj.GetProperties();
         //make sure the obj has properties, return nothing (or add exception handling)
         if (properties.Length == 0) { return null; }
         //it does so create the dataset and table
         var dataSet = new DataSet();
         var dataTable = new DataTable();
         //now build the columns from the properties
         var columns = new DataColumn[properties.Length];
         for (int i = 0; i < properties.Length; i++)
              columns[i] = new DataColumn(properties[i].Name, properties[i].PropertyType);
         //add columns to table
         //now add the list values to the table
         foreach (var item in list)
              //create a new row from table
              var dataRow = dataTable.NewRow();
              //now we have to iterate thru each property of the item and retrieve it's value for the corresponding row's cell
              var itemProperties = item.GetType().GetProperties();
              for (int i = 0; i < itemProperties.Length; i++)
                   dataRow[i] = itemProperties[i].GetValue(item, null);
              //now add the populated row to the table
         //add table to dataset
         //return dataset
         return dataSet;
    //Usage example:
    var listOfCars = new List<Car>(){ new Car{ Make="Nissan", Model="Maxima", CarYear=2011 } };
    var dataSet = CreateDataSet(listOfCars); 
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